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The 6 Shoes that Every Wardrobe Needs

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Something that you probably don't know about me is that I am the great grand daughter of not one but two shoe makers, so shoes are literally in my DNA! And I am totally gaga about shoes! Just like Bags, shoes have transformative powers for any outfit and the options are truly endless. However if you are starting out on a conscious consumption journey or if you are simply on a budget, you may want to know "what are the minimum number of shoes that I need in my wardrobe?"

So for those of you on your Capsule Wardrobe journey, here's my pick of for the 6 shoes that I would recommend. You only get one pair of feet and whilst you can get away with a cheap bag or lower quality clothing, badly made shoes will affect your feet and your posture so this is an area that I would advise getting the best quality and fit that you can.

For each shoe type, I will shoe you a pair for a classic wardrobe, a pair for those of you who like to Glam it up! And a pair of flats; for those for whom comfort comes first!

Court Shoe/Pump

The first shoe in this Stellar shoe line up is the Pump (or Court shoe as we say in the UK). These are your smart everyday shoe, suitable for the office, drinks after work or if you a really naughty, a court appearance! ; ) A mid heel is probably the most versatile in terms of comfort and utility however if you do decide to go down the glam route, try to go for a high quality well made shoe.

These shoes may not be the most exciting but they will definitely give you Big Bang for your buck and these mid heels from Jones are of an excellent quality

These boss lady heels from LK Bennet are sharp enough to pair with a suit but also look supercuts with a good pair of jeans on off duty days

These simple yet comfortable suede flats from Hobbs are comfortable with clean lines and are smart enough to wear every day.

The Summer Sandal

Every wardrobe needs a pair of cool shoes when the heat is on! And the trend for slides is going nowhere as I write this. If you are on the hardcore minimalist train, I would advise a black pair for maximum versatility however if you can, I advise also investing in a colour and a metallic pair. Due to the nature of these shoes there are lots of affordable options and currently the trend for slides is going no-where.

These pear studded flats from Aldo are currently on sale at Brand alley and are perfect for jazzing up your basic outfits

These pretty 2 part heeled sandals from Jigsaw have a comfortable stacked heel which are perfect for BBQs and garden parties.

This gorgeous pair of flats from Hobbs feature a trendy squared off toe but aren't too trendy and are of a high quality that should see you through many summers to come.

The Party Shoe

The Party shoe means different things for different people, for my daughter her party shoes are a pair of ancient converse. But for the sake of this exercise, I would call the party show, the pair of shoes that you pull out for a special occasion or when you want to glam it up. These are the fun shoes in your shoe wardrobe, so have fun with them. No need for restraint here!

This Glam pair of heels from LK Bennet are simple but the shape and metallic sheen will add glamour to almost any outfit.

Another entrance from LK Bennet are these Monochrome striped heels with a bold Pattern that will make a glam statement .

A simple way to turn up an outfit is by introducing animal print, always a winner in my book! And these leopard print flats from Office prove the point that Heels aren't necessary to add a pop of glamour to an outfit as demonstrated by these

Tennis Shoe/Trainer

Whether it's working out or commuting to work, a pair of tennis shoes or trainers have become a modern classic that is vital in your off duty repertoire.

It doesn't get more classic than a pair of Stan Smiths and this all white pair is smart enough to wear to more relaxed business settings or to pair with Joggers on more relaxed days.

Glam Option

Who says sneakers can't be glamorous! Check out these gold ones from Hobbs to adda bit of sparkle to your off duty looks.

Well most trainers are low heel so you get a bonus classic from Veja which have the added benefit of being a more sustainable trainer brand.

Ankle Boot

For those of you that live in the northern hemisphere the ankle boot is the most hard working shoe in your shoedrobe. I do not say this lightly! They are essential on grey cold rainy days but can still look cute in Spring with a pretty dress. They are also perfect in Autumn when its not quite cold enough to break out the big gun snow boots. And if I only had one pair of shoes, it would be these.

These high quality ankle boots from Churchs will probably last a lifetime and the Chelsea boot is an evergreen style. The chunky heel mean that these can pair with skirts, dress pants or skinny jeans and still look fab.

These Chelsea boots from the iconic Dr Martin are a little more refined than some of the more typical Dr Martins but still have the hardwearing properties.

Cold Weather Boot

These are the boots that you bust out when its chapping out and all you want is warm dry feet. These are the boots that you put on when its so miserable outside the you don't actually care how you look! But don't fear, its possible to look good and keep warm!

The Ultimate cold weather boots,

These gorgeous boots from Ugg are not 100% practical if you are dealing with wet weather but will definitely keep your toes warm on cold dry days when you still want to look glamorous.

Another winner from Ugg these practical snow boots can take you from the slopes to the supermarket!

So I would love to know, what are the shoes that you can't live without?

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