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The 6 Coats that Every Wardrobe Needs

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Coats and Jackets can be some of the most expensive items that you will buy for your wardrobe and during the colder months these are often the only part of your outfit that will be seen by the majority of people (along with shoes and bags of course!)

At this time of year when the days are getting shorter and darker many of you may be on the hunt for your winter coat and want to know where the gaps are in your Capsule wardrobe.

So what are the coats & jackets that will get you through a climate with 4 seasons whist providing the maximum versatility and giving you the most bang for your buck?

I have rounded up the following coats & jackets below to share what I think are the essential Coats & Jackets that every wardrobe needs. I have included 6 types of coat/jacket along with recommendations for budget friendly, ethical & high end options. There may or may not be a cheeky bonus coat at the end!

*This blogpost contains some affiliate links

The Denim Jacket

I have a confession to make! I do not own a denim jacket and this is a gap in my capsule that I am wanting to fill (I too am on a capsule wardrobe journey along with you wonderful people!) But I do believe that a denim or Summer jacket is an essential as they are great in the warmer months when a light layer is needed but can also be worn into the colder months, either layered over a jumper in Autumn or under a heavier coat in the depths of Winter as a “mid” layer.

This oversize black denim jacket from Topshop is roomy enough to fit the chunkiest of winter jumpers but will still look supercool in Spring & Summer.

This oversized masculine style denim jacket is from ethical brand Komodo

If money is no object why not invest in this oversized denim jacket from Ballenciaga.

Slim Fit Padded Jacket

The Slim fit jacket is by no means the sexiest of Jackets however like the Denim or Summer Jacket, the slim fit puffa jacket provides a lot of versatility. This is casual Jacket is for those days where its a bit too cold for to wear a denim jacket but it’s not quite cold enough to bring out the big guns of the Wool coat or Parka. Look for a slim light version of this as this is another jacket that can be worn on its own but can also be layered under a wool coat when it’s brass monkeys outside.

A great place to find affordable jackets is Zara and this one here fits the bill perfectly

The Ultra Light Down Jacket from Uniqlo is an affordable and ethical option that is available in a wide variety of colours, perfect for layering and all of their partner garment factories involved in the production of their down products are RDS (Responsible Down Standard)

If you are looking for a high quality investment slimline down puffa jacket, look no further than this one from Patagonia.

The Rain Coat

Depending on what part of the world that you live in a Rain Coat is an essential wardrobe staple. There is a huge variety of rain coats to suit all tastes and styles from a classic trench to the plastic mac. Brands such as Burberry in the UK are famous for their trench coats but for those of you who have a minimal style there are some wonderful Scandinavian brands that make stylish quality Macs that will last for years and years.

This Mac from Topshop is an affordable yet classic option for those of you looking for a classic style on a budget.

Arket are an ethical brand that make great coats and this Mac is no exception!

Danish Brand Ise Jacobsen create wonderful high quality wet weather wear with a cool Scandinavian twist.

A Biker Jacket

Biker jackets are a great jacket for adding a bit of interest or switching up the vibe of an outfit, warmer and smarter than a denim jacket and generally a bit more elevated than the slim fit padded jacket. I love a biker jacket but if that’s just not your style consider adding a leather or vegan jacket which will fill a similar gap. There are some wonderful budget friendly options out there!

This Faux Leather Jacket from French Connection is a sleek affordable option

One way of getting a Sustainable item is buying recycled or used, this one from Beoyong retro is made from 100% recycled leather.

Well most trainers are low heel so you get a bonus classic from Veja which have the added benefit of being a more sustainable trainer brand.

A Wool Coat

This is that smart winter coat that will keep you warm on cold days but is smart enough to wear to the office or out for dressier occasions. Look for a classic shaped coat that is knee length or longer with at least some real wool content as these tend to be warmer. Also try to ensure that you have enough space for your thicker jumpers.

With this coat it’s worth investing in as good quality as you can as this will take you through many winters.

For those of you that live in the northern hemisphere the ankle boot is the most hard working shoe in your shoedrobe. I do not say this lightly! They are essential on grey cold rainy days but can still look cute in Spring with a pretty dress. They are also perfect in Autumn when its not quite cold enough to break out the big gun snow boots. And if I only had one pair of shoes, it would be these.

Check out this cocoon style wool jacket from Topshop.

This Alpaca coat from ethical brand Arket is a modern classic in a fabulous quality.

This wool coat from French connection has a removable colour for added versatility.

The Parker

There are some days when its so cold that I don’t actually care what I look like so long as I'm warm. But being warm or stylish is no longer an either or proposition. We live in the 21st century and you can have it all!

The Parka jacket/coat is the coat for these occasions and whilst in the past they were more utilitarian, there are now some very stylish options available. This is another coat where its best to invest in as a high a quality as you can and ensure that this has a hood and full closure to stop any increment weather getting through.

This great looking parka jacket is another winner from High Street brand Zara

The Ultra Warm parka from Uniqlo uses sustainably sourced down and feathers from farms that seek to minimize their impact on wildfowl. Not to mention it looks pretty stylish too!

The Creme de la creme of Parkas are made by Canada goose so if you are looking for a buy now wear forever, check out the Toronto Jacket.

Bonus Fun/Part Coat!!!!!

In addition to all of your essential coats it can also be a good idea to have a Fun or Party Coat.

This can be anything from the current trend of for checked coats or a fabulous brightly coloured faux fur coat. Basically a fun coat that will lift your outfit and your spirits on a cold and dreary day and or keep you warm on a winters night out.

This is an opportunity to maybe introduce a trendier coat into your capsule wardrobe which could be thrifted if you are wanting to be more sustainable or on a budget.

What could be more fun on a dark cold day than a hot pink coat! A great way of making a statement is with colour and hot pink is a big statement.

This Fake fur jacket from Eco brand Komoda is made from from Made from 100% Recycled PET and is a versatile but fun option for chilly nights out.

Join the conversation, what coats or jackets are your essentials, have I missed any?

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