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Winter Workwear Capsule Planner

The Winter Workwear Capsule Planner/notepad is a 75 page notepad/planner in the capsule wardrobe series that has spaces to organise and plan your outfits along with a visual guide for a 12 item (Excluding outerwear & accessories) Workwear Capsule.
Along with hints and tips on winter dressing, there are outfit planner pages, shopping list pages and space to jot down notes and ideas.

Warm Capsule Wardrobe for Winter

The Cosy Winter planner is a  80 page notepad Planner perfect if you are moving or travelling to a cold climate & need help planning a new wardrobe.
* A 33 item visual winter capsule wardrobe guide (suitable for those following the project 333 method)This includes Clothes, Shoes & Accessories for people who enjoy a laidback lifestyle but want to look pulled together whilst keeping comfortable and warm.


Affordable Workwear Capsule Planner

This gorgeous FULL COLOUR 80 page outfit planner & notebook is perfect for anyone who needs help looking smart for work. Or for someone that has drawers are bursting with clothes that they don’t particularly like or enjoy.
The Capsule wardrobe workwear planner/notebook is a really useful resource to help save time and money by being a single place that you can keep plans and ideas together.

Fun Capsule Wardrobe Planner/Notebook
Trip to Barcelona Planner Journal
Workwear Wardrobe for when its hot out
Trip to London Outfit Planner
Comfy Casual Capsule Planner


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