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The 6 Pairs of Jeans to own Now!

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

I was a child of the 70's and was a teenager in the 80's at the time when Hip Hop ruled the streets of London! So basically my uniform was jeans and trainers and whilst my style has evolved over the years, a good pair of jeans will always have a special place in my heart.

Jeans are a mainstay in many peoples wardrobes but what are the 6 pairs of jeans that will give you the most bang for your buck? And what are the best jeans for you body types. Come with me on a magical mystery journey for the 6 pairs of jeans to own now! Please note that you don't have to own all of them as some jeans may be more flattering on pear shaped ladies while others will favour the straight up and down types, there's a style for everybody so just take what relates to you and feel free to ignore the rest!

So without further adieu, lets jump in!

6 Jeans to Own Now!

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Wide Legged

The reign of the skinny jean and no other shape has come to an end and whilst the skinny jean is still relevant (more about that later) The polar opposite to the skinny jean is the wide legged jean. Not to be confused with the boot cut the wide legged jean is fitted at the top and gradually gets wider down the length of the leg. rather than being fitted to the knee and than flared at the end. Super flattering on all body types. However if you are vertically challenged like myself, you may find that a pair that is slightly too long for you worn with heels, has great leg lengthening properties.

High Waisted Straight leg

The high waisted straight leg jeans are having a street style moment. Generally in a mid wash blue, they can also work in a black wash if blue denim is not your thing. These are your off duty jeans that are both cool and casual and look great with literally any foot wear (with the exception of knee high boots) These jeans look great on the rectangular body type as a waist can be cheated with the aid of a slightly loose fitting top (blouse or tee) tucked in with a belt.

Bootcut/Flared Jean

The bootcut is back baby! For all my fellow pear shaped ladies, the bootcut jean is hands down the most flattering for this body type. They also look great on ladies with an hour glass silhouette. A high rise in these can be tricky to pull off so I would advise a mid rise if you have any tummy issues that you don't want to highlight. These jeans can look super smart especially if teamed with a blazer and heels.

Mom Jeans

Once looked upon as the frumpy jean with their high waisted fit and wide cut around the hips, these jeans were literally only the preserve of the Soccer Mom, hence the name "Mom Jean" However the cool girls have cottoned on that these jeans are actually pretty flattering on most body types and are great at disguising/minimising larger thighs & bottoms. They are super cool worn casually but can also be smartened up with ankle boots and a slim fit top. For ideas on how to style the Mom jean check out the Cosy Capsule wardrobe or buy the full PDF here.

Boyfriend Jeans

Often confused with the Mom jean but there are subtle difference. Whilst the Mom jean is high waisted and cut larger on the top half of the jean, the boyfriend jean is pretty loose all over, often a bit distressed and usually quite long but worn rolled up. They should basically look like you nicked them off your boyfriend! Flattering on most body types but especially good for curvy girls, these jeans are also great in winter as you can layer them with tights or leggings for extra warmth. They can also look great slung low with aa oversize jumper if you want to disguise tummy issues.

Skinny Jean

The skinny jean has been going strong for the past 10 years and have been eclipsed somewhat by the Mom jean and more recently the wide leg. But don't write them off yet rather think of your dark wash skinny jean as a slightly more heavy weight pair of leggings with similar styling opportunities. Skinny jeans are so versatile, wear them rolled up in Spring with a a tank top and some cute sandals or with a chunky jumper and a pair of knee high boots in Winter. I've heard it said that these jeans only favour super tall and slim people but personally think these jeans work well on all body types so long as they are cut well.

So what are your favourite style of jeans, have I missed any, let me know in the comments!

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