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10 Timeless Trends to add to your Capsule Wardrobe for Fall 2021!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Ok Ladies its the most fun fashion time of the year! Fall or Autumn as we say in Blighty. Its time to wave goodbye to your tank tops and short shorts and start layering up baby!

I'm slightly reluctant to talk about "Trends" as the main point of of a Capsule Wardrobe (and this site) is to help you lovely lot to keep your purchases to a minimum and to focus on buying key pieces that will be heavy hitters in your wardrobe and will last for years. That being said a super classic wardrobe can need a bit of spice to keep things fresh, and there will always be items that need to be replaced. If you have a good core wardrobe it can be great to introduce a few fun/trendy pieces to keep everything relevant.

When the new seasons clothes hit the shops, it can be so tempting to think that you need to buy a whole new wardrobe or be seduced by all of the shiny new stuff. However a few key pieces may be all that you need to give your existing wardrobe a refresh.

Another thing to bear in mind when thinking about updating your wardrobe is to focus on the trends that speak to you and suit your body type.

It can be tricky to work out which trends are here for a good time, not a long time! And which Trends are going to give you the most bang for your buck? Also how can you incorporate some of the latest Trends into your existing Core Capsule wardrobe?

Please note that this post may contain affiliate links

Trends for Fall 2021

One of the biggest overarching themes for 2021/22 is that the 70s trend is still going strong. This is great news as this trend is really good for thrifting or shopping second hand. Either in local shops or on websites like Depop, Ebay or Vinted.

It's also worth shopping your own closet to see if any of your existing items can be revived.

So let's take a look at the new and ongoing trends for this Fall.

1. Colour Trends

Colour is back in a big way this Fall. One huge colour trend is for warm toned colours, deep browns, rust, and warm toned neutrals.

Not a fan of brown and want a proper colour, go for Bright (think egg yolk meets neon) yellow, fuchsia pink or bright dark red. Greens fall into two camps a bright pea green or a more subtle bright olive green. Blues are either a navy with royal blue undertone or alternatively a gorgeous rich dark turquoise (Mykanos) blue.

For those of you that love your neutrals and lighter tones, creams, beiges and soft pinks are another big colour trend for this fall. Usually reserved for Spring this colour palette is big news this Fall.

In one of this seasons biggest colour trends, this blush pink jumper from the Kooples is in a shade of pink so light, that it almost acts as a neutral colour.

Baby Pink Puff sleeved jumper

This rusty orange coloured top is an easy way to inject some warmth into your fall wardrobe. See below for outfit ideas

Camis are a useful item to have at anytime of year and this one from Labels & Love marries the lace trend with a vibrant pea green colour.

2. Oversized Blazers

One of the trends that has carried over from last year is the trend for oversized blazers. On warmer days, go for that cool girl vibe by layering over shorts and as the cooler months draw in, they can be worn with just about anything from smarter tailored trousers to jeans. Blazers are great item to thrift but if you need a new one, check out the selection below:

This really affordable but stylish oversized blazer from Shein is a great transitional piece.

Looking for a high quality piece that will last for years, then this one from & other stories is a great pick.

3. Statement Jumpers

I love jumpers so am very pleased to share that one of the biggest new trends for this Fall & Winter is the statement jumper. Think bright colours, shoulder details, cable knits or sometimes all of the above in one jumper! Basically the idea is to let your jumper do the talking!

This raspberry pink Jumper from Reiss is a a gorgeous colour which although bright, would work with lots in your core wardrobe.

Combine the neutral trend with the chunky jumper trend with this cream one from Shein

A great example of shopping second hand is this one by "I love my mittens on" Poshmark.

4. Puffas

The trend for puffa coats and jackets has been going for a while and is still going strong, so if you already have one the great news is that your fashion game is still on point. However if this is an item of clothing that you do not already own, here are some suggestions.

This full length quilted coat from Arket is a high quality piece with a nod towards a Japanese aesthetic.

If you already have a black puffa and want to add a bit of colour, check out this option in one of this years big colour trends which is a warm olive green from Harvey Nichols. Olive green is a great colour as it's an evergreen (pun intended!) colour that rolls round year after year

5. Leather Everything!

Another trend that has been gaining momentum for a while now is the leather trend. The current focus is on colourful leather: skirts, jackets and trousers. But if you want a more classic item, go for something in black which is always a winner. There are also amazing faux leather pieces if you're not a fan of real leather. This is another item that is great for thrifting which is not only a money saver but also a more sustainable option.

A black leather skirt will be a heavy hitter in your wardrobe, this one from French connection is a great length and good shape for most body types.

This stunning faux leather dress from Wolf & Badger is a versatile piece that would make a gorgeous addition for this Fall. This shape would work well on many body types as the tie detail combined with A line shape is universally flattering.

7. Statement Sleeves This trend is another one that has been around for a while and is showing no signs of getting old. This year the emphasis is on strong shoulders but the puff sleeve with that hint of Victoriana is still relevant. Extra fashion points if you have lace incorporated into your piece.

This one from French Connection UK incorporates the Puff sleeve with one of Falls other big trends which is lace detail. Why have just one trend, when you can have two!

Looking for a more minimal option, check out this long sleeved top from & other stories

A super affordable & cute option comes from Primark, so if you are on a budget this cute cardigan is a great way to try out this trend.

8. Wide Leg/Boot cut

A major way that the 70s trend is manifesting in 2021 is the trend towards wider legged trousers. These trouser can be bootcut which is tighter at the top and slightly flared at the bottom. It works on most body types but is particularly good for pear shaped figures. The alternative is the wide legged pants which tends to be loose throughout the trouser but more voluminous all over. The wide legged trouser is a a bit harder to pull off than the the bootcut but there are ways to make it work. Unless you are model tall avoid this trouser in a cropped iteration as they will cut you off. If you are a shortie like me, pair a slightly too long pair with heels to give you legs for days!

These wide legged jeans from French Connection are in that gorgeous dark indigo and will pair with pretty much everything in your wardrobe.

If you want a smart update that can do double duty for the office or be dressed up this pair from Lautrechose is ideal.

9.Turtle necks - I will never stop loving turtle necks and I am so happy that this item is officially a thing! If you have your Core Capsule of basics in you probably already have one, but if not this trend is a real keeper.

A slim fit black mock neck makes a great layering piece. This on from Monki would look great on its on or with other pieces.

This cream option from Winser is perfect for the colder months.

10. Cutouts

This is a bit of a va va room trend and I am here for it! Not for the fainthearted but can be incorporated in a subtle way and cutouts in strategic places can be super flattering. If you decide to get an item with cutouts, choose pieces with cutouts on the parts of your figure that you like the best and want to emphasise.

This cute dress from Zara is a great option for people with a rectangular body shape as the positioning of the cutout gives the illusion of smaller waist.

A more subtle take on the trend is this jumper from Chloe and marries, cutouts with neutral and the puffed sleeve. A three for one!

Outfit Ideas

So now if you have the scoop on this seasons trends, let me know which (if any) you plan on incorporating into your existing wardrobe?

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